Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Discovering Technology

Throughout this course, I have had the opportunity to implement a couple new technology activities in my classroom. The most successful activity was having students to create a tutorial video using a HoverCam to record images and audio. Students enjoyed creating these short videos and sharing them with their peers. Other activities included students learning to use social networks as an extension of the classroom, as well as students learning to use visual presentations to communicate a story properly to their peers.  All of these technologies engaged the students and helped promote a better understanding of English skills. Moreover, I became more comfortable with them as an instructor.

The immediate impact on my classroom has been a positive interest from my students. They have started to want to expand on projects now, and they are always wondering what the next big assignment will be. Although students enjoy working with the technology, they really enjoy doing something different. Several students, who at the beginning of the semester were not excited about the prospect of filming this year, are asking if they can create screenplays that can be double the amount of time required. This genuine interest from the students has motivated me to push my own comfort level to try new activities and ways to use technology.

Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2010). Program number 10: Spotlight on Technology: Social Networking and Online Collaboration: Part I [DVD]. Integrating Technology Across the Content Areas. Baltimore, MD: Author.

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