Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updated: GAME Plan...

When reviewing my GAME plan I understand that I will need a few different resources in order to accomplish my goal.  The first step I am taking to accomplish my GAME plan is to start collaborating with a few of my colleagues.  I will focus our work together on designing new activities that focus on student centered technology integration.  I have begun talks with the Honors English teacher in my department on new technologies that he has used that have yielding positive results in his classroom.

Furthermore, I am in talks with an old professor from my undergrad with whom I worked with on two publications on folklore and music to improve student writing.  He introduced me to the idea of using technology as a teaching tool and when teaching in high school he focused always having students present their work in a visual art form using technology.  He has agreed to help me accomplish my GAME plan goals.

Finally, I will need to complete more research on my own to discover new activities that our student centered and integrate technology.  I will conduct my research through educational websites and blogs.  I will also utilize my learning community, as well as the message board for NCTE.  My research has not begun yet since I have focused on contacting the aforementioned individuals.  Once our schedules are set-up to conference and share ideas, I will then begin my own research and focus on finding new activities to implement in the classroom.


  1. It sounds like you have made some excellent progress on gathering resources. Would you mind sharing some of the online resources that have been suggested to you so far? I would love to learn about some new ideas as well.

  2. Mark,
    I have a few ideas that might be of interest. One of our colleagues posted the site This site has tools and lesson plans for integrating technology into the classroom specifically related to literature and language arts, among others. I found a few ideas there that I can tweak to make work in my electives class and I think you may find it helpful as well. Also, Voicethread is a great online tool that is user friendly and free. I was thinking it might be a great tool for students to summarize entire books or specific characters you may be studying in class. Students would have to know their subject in order to create a voicethread that is accurate.
    Digital story-telling could be another option.
    Good luck. Tabatha